Afghan Khalid Consultancy Services

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Afghan Khalid Consultancy Services is a Kabul based Management Advisory Services Non Governmental Organization that is working to provide technical assistance to Government Ministeries and functionaries as well as National and international organizations working in the field of health care services in Afghanistan.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are masters of their fields, and can provide a diverse range of technical assistance ranging from intensive trainings to proposal developments in the field of health care services.

We have a three experience in conducting national and international level trainings for various cadres of health professionals in a diverse range of technical areas, and have always got excellent feedback from our clients, that is a proof of our committment and dedication to our cause.

Our Upcoming Events are

1. 5 Days Intensive Training in Leadership and Personality Development for success

This 5 days training is focused on development of Leadership Skills and improvement of Personality and Personal Image for successfull future careers. this training is aimed at all middle and senior level managers who are working in any sector related to national or international development. This training will be conducted in Dubai, UAE from 27th to 31st of March 2014. During this training the participants will be given hand on experience in exercises to develop their leadership and problem solving skills as well as ehnace their personalities and personal images to more charismatic ones so tomorrow they can be examples for others and their subordinatres can follow them with examples. Interested candidates are advised to contact our main office before 10th of March 2014 or email us at the address given to the right side

2. Advanced Skills in Health Economics. April 2014, Dubai
This training is focused on latest knowledge and skills about the most important driving forces behind the provision of health care services. It is aimed at middle and senior level policy makers and program managers from Ministry of Public Health and NGO's to develop economic skills to develop efficient health care programs and projects within the scenarios of constrained environments specially financial and resource constraints. It will also focus on important methods for resource allocation in health, costing of health care services, capital budgeting of health projects and financing modalities of a diverse range of health care services. If you are interested apply to us before 25th of Mar 2014, or use Contact Us page on this website

2. Training in Basic and Advanced Project Management for Managers and Consultants April 2014
This training is aimed to teach managers in any field of development like education, health, agriculture and livestock etc, on how to plan, execute and deliver program projects on time and on budget. Health and social services managers in Afghanistan are managing more projects than ever before - and special project skills are needed. Examine the most current trends in the field of project management with your professional counterparts, and apply cutting edge techniques by learning the most modern methods of Project Management by leaders and experts of Project Management. Apply Online by Using the Contact Us page on this website

3. Training Course of Health Data Analysis and Management, May 2014

This course is based on theoretical concepts and practical skills of logical answers to public health questions and problems based on analysis of small or large sets of population based data. Normally, in the Health Sector, both at Government as well as private and NGO level, there is daily generation of data in form of documentation of various events related to health issues and routines. Majority of the health professionals do not have the required skills to convert this data into something highly useful, which can help them in finding answers to their problems or discover interesting facts. This course has been specially designed for Afghan Health Managers keeping in view the dire need and shortage of skills required for health data analysis for a variety of purposes


This course is aimed to impart basic and advanced data analysis skills, which can be used in a variety of settings ranging from a CHC to the level of a Government Department or Ministry. The course is based on imparting practical data analysis skills using Health Industry standard SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) on computers. It will be linked with introductory theoretical concepts of Biostatistics. You can apply online by using Contact Us page on this website

Our Address

House No: 356, First Street of Shah Mardan Masjid, Proji-e-Taimani Street No: 4, District 4, Kabul, Afghanistan
Mobile: +93(0)784240516
Email: [email protected]